Technoah’s Tisanos Systems represent a technological advance for safe, eco-friendly playground surfaces for children and adults. Our systems stand apart by offering optimal safety and environmental compatibility, combined with low installation and maintenance costs. Tisanos Systems incorporate the patented Play Base™, developed in partnership with Brock International, a leading manufacturer of eco-efficient safety products. for projects see Site map  

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The Tisanos system


Performance: Tisanos is designed to offer a surface with an elevated degree of safety, year after year, in any climatic condition.

Environment: Tisanos systems consist of 100% non-toxic materials.   The Play Base component is made from a 100% recyclable material and is tested to the world’s most stringent environmental standards.  

Drainage: The vertical and lateral drainage capability of the Tisanos Systems results in a reliable, efficient draining play area, while also addressing water storage for storm water management.

Design: Tisanos Systems not only provides shock absorption, but acts as a thermal insulation and drainage layer that can be installed over permeable or impermeable base constructions.

Installation: Tisanos is a dimensionally stable system that can be installed in virtually any climatic condition.  Tisanos systems install with maximum precision using a single layer of the patented Play Base system. Tisanos artificial turf installs quickly and easily and is filled with graded sand for stability and added safety.

Quality Assurance: Tisanos components are manufactured in ISO-certified facilities, will not decay or degrade over time and are resistant to bacteria, fungi and chemicals.

Construction: The Tisanos system can be installed on any suitable base construction including concrete, asphalt, compacted sand or compacted crushed stone bases. An example cross section with a compacted sand base is illustrated here below.